Why Buy Galvanised Nuts and Bolts?

While the nuts and bolts you use to put your products together are small, they play a big role. It's important to choose the right fastening materials for this job.

Before you choose which material to use, make sure to look at galvanised products. What is galvanisation and what are its advantages for nuts and bolts?

What Are Galvanised Nuts and Bolts?

Galvanised nuts and bolts are originally made from steel. However, they go through a galvanisation procedure towards the end of the manufacturing process.

Here, the steel fasteners are put through a hot-dip electroplating process. The nuts and bolts get a top coating of zinc during this treatment that creates an extra layer over the core steel.

What Are the Benefits of Using Galvanised Nuts and Bolts

Size, fit and strength aren't the only things you need to consider when you order nuts and bolts for your products. You also need to find fasteners that can cope with their environmental conditions and that will last for as long as possible.

If you choose the wrong materials, then you might not get this decision right. For example, steel nuts and bolts might not wear well on outdoor products. If they get wet and damp, then they might corrode and rust. They will look unsightly and might pass rust or discolouration onto the parts they connect.

Plus, if the fasteners get really rusty, they might be hard to remove if they need to be replaced. If rust eats away at the metal a lot, then the nuts or bolts might even crack or break.

If you add a layer of zinc galvanisation to the underlying metal, then the nuts and bolts become much more robust. The zinc protects the steel. Even if the fasteners get wet outdoors, they shouldn't corrode or rust.

While galvanisation isn't the only way to apply a zinc coating, it is often the most effective. It leaves a thick and even layer of zinc behind compared to regular plating processes, which often apply thinner layers. This extra thickness gives you longer-lasting protection. The zinc won't wear or scratch away so easily.

Even though galvanised nuts and bolts go through extra manufacturing stages, they are actually more economical than other products. For example, galvanised fasteners are typically cheaper than stainless steel products. So, you could save money on your orders if you choose this material.

To learn more about galvanisation and its benefits, contact your nuts and bolts supplier.