Why Install Car Elevator Lifts in a Multi-Storey Car Park Build?

If you are building a new multi-storey car park, then you need to find a way to get cars on and off each level. While ramps do this job, they aren't always the best solution.

Sometimes, it pays to install car lifts instead. These lifts take cars directly from floor to floor from entrance and exit access points.

Why should you consider using car lifts instead of ramps?

Maximise Space in Small Plots

You won't always find it easy to build a multi-storey car park that is big enough for your needs. If you're building in a built-up urban area, then space might be at a premium.

So, you might not be able to find a plot that is big enough for the build. Even if you can find the land, you might not get planning permissions for a large structure. Ramps often add to the size of a car park, especially if you add them around the outside of the structure.

If you use car lift solutions instead of ramps, then you reduce the space you need for the building. You can keep the structure within acceptable limits. The lifts can sit inside.

Create More Parking Spaces

Even if you can add ramps to the car park, there is an argument not to do this. Ramps will take up space on the plot on every parking level. This reduces the numbers of cars you can have parked up. The ramps take up some room that you could otherwise turn into spaces.

Car lifts take up less space. You simply need to allocate an area of the building to take the lift's mechanism and platforms. You free up space on each floor; more drivers can use the car park at any given time.

Add Extra Security

Ramps are often a weak spot on a car park. If they sit around the exterior of the building, people can get on to the ramp at ground level and walk up it to access other levels. Drivers might have to use a card or code to release an access barrier at entrances or exits, but pedestrians can easily bypass the barrier.

If you install car lifts, then you could improve your security. You can set up the lift so that it only opens for approved drivers who have a code or key card. This makes it much harder for people to access the car park who shouldn't be in there. Your users will also feel safer if you set up a restricted access system.

To find out more, contact car lift contractors.