Considering the Switch from using R22 Refrigerant?

More people and businesses are switching from the use of R22 refrigerant in their air conditioning systems. This is due to the environmental hazards that R-22 poses, where it contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer. It's composed of carbon-containing compounds, which when released into the atmosphere cause ozone layer depletion.

Using R-421A as an alternative refrigerant poses numerous benefits for your cooling systems. While having to make the switch to an alternative refrigerant may appear burdensome to your budget, there are many advantages that it poses. This article highlights some of the advantages of R-421A as well as tips on how to make the change as smooth as possible for your business.

Advantages of R421a over R22

It is Eco-friendly and Compliant with Federal Law

R-421A is a refrigerant used in many modern cooling systems. It is composed of a blend of non-ozone depleting alkanes that also have a lower global warming potential.

Unlike R-22, it does not contain flammable hydrocarbons (like butane) that deplete the ozone layer. It's therefore environmentally friendly, in line with most environmental regulations, and a good replacement alternative for your cooling systems.

 Increased Effectiveness at High Temperatures

R-421A has a high boiling point, which makes it operate effectively at higher temperatures. This allows for your system to attain lower discharge temperatures, which is an added advantage when you're running your units close to maximum capacity.

In addition, the pressure-temperature characteristics of R-421A are mostly identical to R22 making sure that you are keeping the same level of efficiency (if not more) for your commercial premises.

Can Replace R-22 Without Requiring an Oil Change

Switching to R-421A is quick and easy because, in most cases, you do not have to undergo the expenses of changing your oil. R-421A is a blend of two components that contains a lubricant that facilitates oil return to your system. It's also compatible with synthetic and mineral oils.

This allows you to save on costs while making sure that you are environmentally conscious.

Equipment Compatibility

Most of the equipment designed for R-22 that you are currently using, is compatible with R421A. This means that you do not need to replace your gauges or line sets. It can also be used in compressors that were designed for R-22.

This allows you to continue using the equipment that you already have, minimising the need for purchasing new components. Such compatibility makes the switching process more affordable and efficient.

Can be used in various Applications

R-421A can be used in many different applications beyond air conditioning systems. It can be used in refrigerated transport and walk-in coolers. The blended components of R21A make it adaptable to different types of equipment that are designed for cooling capabilities. It's therefore, a one step solution to most of your equipment cooling needs.

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