3 Things You Should Do When a False Fire Alarm Goes Off

Some first-time homeowners may not be sure about the steps that they should take in case a false alarm is triggered by their fire alarm system. This article discusses some suggestions that such inexperienced homeowners can implement as soon as a false alarm goes off in their home.

Observe the Control Panel

Very valuable information about a false fire alarm incident can be obtained if you are quick to observe the control panel of your fire alarm system. Start by noting down all the messages that are flashed on the screen of the control panel after the false alarm goes off. You should also note down the specific indicators that are flashing in a different way. For instance, note down any indicators that are flashing a red light instead of the normal green light that you usually see. This information will help the fire alarm service personnel to make an accurate determination of what caused the false alarm to go off. They can then implement remedial measures to prevent a recurrence.

Identify the Affected Devices

It is unlikely that a false fire alarm will activate all the fire detection or suppression devices within your home. It is therefore advisable for you to find out which particular devices were activated during that false alarm incident. Make sure that you don't tamper with that device or devices until a licensed professional has inspected it. You can then reset the control panel once the professional permits you to do so.

Take Note of Relevant Events

You should also record what else was happening within your home when the false fire alarm was triggered. Was there a storm? Had a power outage just taken place? Was renovation work going on? Had someone just turned on an electrical appliance? Had you just turned on a power back-up system? Knowledge of what happened at the same time as the false alarm can be instrumental in determining what vulnerabilities caused the fire alarm system to mistake another event for a fire.

Ensure that you give the technician who arrives all the information that you have gathered about the false alarm incident. He or she can then ask you any relevant additional questions before conducting an inspection of your fire alarm system. The findings obtained after that inspection can then enable that professional to make any needed adjustments to your fire alarm system so that it can be more reliable in future.