Tips to Keeping Your Air Conditioning Unit Running At Optimum

Although air conditioning units are a staple for a significant number of residences, not many homeowners are strict with their maintenance regime. This largely stems from the fact that some homeowners simply do not know what they should do to get their air conditioning unit to run at optimum. However, neglecting this maintenance is what causes your air conditioning to begin to experience premature problems. When it comes to air conditioning maintenance, several aspects should be covered. Knowing what is involved could help you decide whether you can carry out this process on your own or if you would require the services of a maintenance technician. Here are some of the different things that should be done to keep your air conditioning unit running at optimum.

An air conditioning inspection

The first step when carrying out air conditioning maintenance would be a thorough inspection of your system. Some of the different components that should be inspected include the capacitators, the air conditioner's motor, the compressor, the levels of refrigerant, the air conditioner's coils and more. This internal inspection is also crucial to detecting any undetected leaks that may have formed in the unit, before they become exacerbated.

An air conditioning tune up

Once the air conditioning inspection has been carried out, you will know which parts of your air conditioning unit need tuning up. An air conditioning tune up will typically involve the lubrication of all the movable parts of the unit. Once this is done, you should ensure that all electrical connections in the unit are tightened for posterity of the system. You should also fill up the refrigerant fluid as needed when carrying out the tune up process. The tune up process typically functions to ensure all the hardware in the air conditioning unit is in proper working condition.

An air conditioning clean up

Once you are satisfied that the air conditioning unit is in good working order, you will then begin the cleaning process. The cleaning process is typically carried out last to ensure that any debris and spills that came about from the tuning up process are all eliminated at the same time. During the clean-up process, you should also take out the air conditioning filters and either clean or replace them as dictated by your individual model. Other areas that will require regular cleaning will include the condensate pan, the condensate coils and the motors.