The Unique Benefits of Water-jet Machining

Water-jet machining refers to the use of a tool that relies on a jet of water to perform its functions. For instance, you may have a cutting tool that uses a steam of water to cut materials that are being machined. This article discusses the benefits of having a water-jet cutting machine in your metal fabrication shop.

Quick Programming and Setup

All materials are cut using the same cutting (water-jet delivery) head. Thus, machine operators do not have to spend time changing or adjusting the different components of the water-cutting machine. All that is needed is for the finished part to be drawn using CAD (computer-aided design) programs. The operator enters a command to print, and the cutting head follows the computer instructions to make the product. This ease of programming also allows your clients to make their own drawings and deliver them to your fabrication shop. Thus, your fabrication shop will make more products than would be possible if you were using a machine that requires a more elaborate setup process.

The Process Generates Minimal Heat

Water cutting hardly generates any heat. Even those minimal amounts of heat generated dissipate within the stream of water that is cutting the material. Consequently, the finished product will not have any heat-affected zone that can deteriorate faster than the rest of the material. Your clients will therefore have fewer complaints about the durability of the products you make if you use a water-cutting machine to fabricate their products.

Any Material Can Be Cut

A water-cutting machine is a very versatile tool. This is because it can be used to cut a wide variety of materials. For instance, the water jet can be combined with an abrasive agent in order to cut very tough metals such as stainless steel. Even flammable materials can be cut using this machine. This is because the minimal heat generated cannot set the material on fire.

Fewer Safety Hazards

Water-jet cutters that use only water are very safe for your staff. Even the ones where an abrasive is used hardly pose any safety concerns. This is because the machine does not need to be adjusted frequently during the work shift. It does not have any cutting edges that may injure an employee. Additionally, it can be controlled remotely, as long as the materials to be fabricated are lined up on an automated feeding system.

Talk to your equipment supplier, such as Intracut, and find out the different water-cutting machines available. You will receive advice on the best kind that is suited to the size and applications in your fabrication shop.