Important Factors In Choosing A Truck Liftgate

A liftgate is an expedient device designed to facilitate commercial loading and unloading tasks. This extension enhances the efficiency of shipping operations since the time utilized in completing the work is reduced. It also minimizes the risk of accidental injury when the cargo being handled is heavy. There are different liftgate products in the market so choosing the right device for your truck can be challenging. Here are the main aspects that you should consider before purchase.

Truck Bed Height Compatibility

The liftgate must have the right height clearance in relation to the truck bed; this allows the platform to operate correctly and safely. If the liftgate is too short for the truck bed, the device will not touch the ground when open. This will cause difficulties when loading and unloading on wheeled trolleys. On the other hand, a liftgate which has more elevation than the truck bed height will not open fully due to lack of clearance. You should ensure that the height specifications of the preferred liftgate are compatible with your truck. The liftgate product details will indicate minimum clearance and potential maximum height for effective operation.

Weight Capacity

It is important for you to determine the weight capacity requirements for the liftgate before choosing the ideal product. You can carry out the calculations by taking into account the potential maximum weight of every item which will be placed on the platform at the same time. This includes the weight of cargo (such as pallets and barrels), the weight of loading devices (such as pallet jacks) and the weight of the worker on the platform. These details will vary depending on the truck size and your line of business. It is advisable to overestimate the weight requirements in preparation for business growth. Moreover, this will prolong the lifespan of the liftgate and mitigate the hazards for the loading employees.

Rear Door Compatibility

There are different types and configurations of the liftgate which are manufactured to match varying specifications. Unfortunately, not all the available liftgate designs will be compatible with your truck's rear door so you should be cautious. For instance, you cannot purchase the rail-style liftgate for a swing-open rear truck door. The rail-style device is designed to attach to the truck mounts which are positioned on the corner joints of the vehicle body. In a swing-open rear door, the hinges are attached in the same position so there is virtually no way to connect the rails. Cantilever and slider lift gates are more ideal for this type of rear door.

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