Causes of Common Sump Pump Problems

It is important to ensure that your sump pump is running efficiently to prevent basement flooding which will consequently result in structural damage. There are certain warning signs that indicate that your pump is in need of repair or replacement. These include excessive rust on the equipment, strange noises and vibrations when in operation and poor performance. You should consult a qualified handyman or plumber for repairs when you notice these indicators or find your basement with abundant moisture. Note that the dampness will cause extensive damage including ruining a finished room and the personal belongings in it as well as facilitating the growth of mould and mildew. Here are some of the common problems you should watch out for in your sump pump.

Overworked Pump

An overwhelmed sump pump will eventually break down so it is important to have an installer or plumber to assess it prior to the rainy season. Pumps are mainly mechanical devices so your installed product may be unable to meet the requirements presented. During heavy rains, high volumes of water will pour into the basin and if the pump is overworked, there will be an operational burn-out or the basement will flood due to the poor pumping speed. If your pump is old or cheap, it is likely to succumb to the pressure when required so consider upgrading your equipment or adding new ones to reinforce the work done.

Drainage Problems

It is possible for your sump pump to be working properly and still have no water entering the pit. DIY installation has become popular in the maintenance and replacement of these pumps so this is a common problem. If the fixture is not linked properly to the drainage system, the basement will flood. A drain tile should be used internally or externally in the basement perimeter. This allows the water around the foundation of the building to be redirected to the sump pump basin. It is crucial to ensure that the drain tile is present, unclogged and installed in the proper pitch to facilitate water flow.

Power Problems

A sump pump will not work without power supply so you should check this aspect in case of an apparent breakdown. For instance, the circuit breaker may have been tripped and require resetting. Power outages are not uncommon during stormy weather therefore you should take precautions to avoid this problem. Consider purchasing and installing a backup sump pump which is battery-operated or use an alternative power source such a generator. For more information, visit