Materials Handling Equipment Every Contractor Should Own

Materials handling equipment can help any contractor better handle the tools and other items they need to use while on a jobsite. The right equipment can protect that material, make it easier to move, and even protect the safety of workers as well. Note the materials handling equipment every contractor should own and how it can benefit them.

1. Drywall loaders

Lifting drywall can be very precarious. Because of its construction, drywall is very easy to snap right down the middle when you lift it; the material is meant to be easy to score and cut, which also means it's easy to snap in two. Many contractors find this out for themselves when they try to lift drywall by holding it over their head, only to have it break.

It's also easy to accidentally punch holes in drywall because of its thin construction. Setting it on its side can mean risking damage to each sheet, especially in high-traffic areas where it's easy to bump into those pieces and break them. A drywall loader gently lifts drywall or can be used to transport it from one spot to another so the drywall doesn't need to be carried by hand. In turn, the drywall is kept safe from breaking and from being damaged by careless workers.

2. Lifting cranes

Lifting cranes are a necessity on any jobsite because they help to lift and load tools and other equipment safely and securely. These cranes can be set up virtually anywhere and may come with a wide variety of accessories to use with their hooking mechanisms. A bucket can allow you to easily lift tools and materials for roofing jobs or can hold equipment you need for painting elevated ceilings. This type of crane can not only protect your equipment, but also can make it easier and safer for workers who need to be on ladders when working, as they won't need to reach and bend for tools or try to balance them while on the ladder.

3. Scissor lift tables

Like lifting cranes, scissor lift tables can also hold materials and equipment for those who need to be elevated while they work. A scissor lift table is much like a scissor lift crane; it can be easily elevated to virtually any height without needing the space required by an arm that folds out. This type of table can hold equipment and tools of all sorts so that they're protected, and they are a good choice for more delicate equipment and supplies that cannot be tossed into a bucket to be lifted.

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