Five Must-Have Custom Display Stands for Your Lingerie Shop

Whether you own a lingerie shop or just have some lingerie you want to show off in your boutique, you need custom display stands. The right stands and merchandising techniques can increase your sales.

To inspire you, here is a look at five must-have custom lingerie display stands:

1. Discrete Drawers

Discrete drawers give shoppers the sensation of peaking in a secret underpants drawer – perfect if you're trying to make the experience sensual, especially for those shopping for gifts.

You can buy custom cabinets with subdivided drawers for neatly holding extra inventory, or you can use drawers to display just a few choice pieces. You can choose chest of drawers in any style, but if you like the industrial vibe, embrace reclaimed woods.

2. Room Dividers

A reclaimed wood room divider display consists of a simple wood frame around a small bench with shelves under it for storage. Hooks hang along the top of the display.

On this type of display, you can stack underpants, leggings, tank tops and nightgowns, and you can hang negligees or robes on the hooks. These large pieces can be designed anyway you want, and they help split a larger room into smaller spaces.

3. Antique Metal Dressmaker's Dummy

To add a touch of class to any shop, consider putting lingerie on an antique metal dressmaker's dummy. Perfect for adding an old or romantic vibe to your shop, these dummies can be custom made in any size and with many different types of metal to create the look you need.

4. Folded Bra Displays

Plastic globe-shaped bra displays attach to the walls of your shop, and they provide a base to hold the cups of a folded bra. If you have large amounts of multi-coloured bras in different designs, these walls displays are perfect for maximising your space and displaying as many bras as possible.

These displays allow you to showcase more brassieres than if you use full-bust wall displays,and you can arrange them in any design you want. For example, you could have the bras creating swirls along all of your walls, or you could have them arranged in a block formation in a single space.

5. Virtual Displays

Instead of displaying products, you can create a virtual display. Using touchscreen tablets artfully displayed in beautiful stands, your customers virtually browse your selection. When they want to see something or try it on, they simply tap and a sales associate brings them the product. It's the perfect way to add a high-tech feeling to your shop.

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