Fabricate Used Shipping Containers For Equipment & Tank Storage Applications

A lot of handy applications have been devised for used shipping containers over the years. Most entail using the containers either for storage or fabricating them for use as homes, shops or site offices. However, another use that can be applied to shipping containers is that of housing heavy industrial equipment. This applies to businesses in the construction, mining, and agricultural sectors.

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How it works

In this application, second hand shipping containers are fabricated to hold and store heavy machinery. This entails first choosing a container of the right length, be it 10m, 20m or 40m. Containers can also be cut to meet the desired lengths.

Metallic or wooden base supports are then installed where the machinery will be placed. These provide a firm base to hold and bolt the equipment in place. Vents can then be cut on the sides to allow ventilation and easy operation of the equipment while inside the container. These side vents can be closed shut at will to lock in the machinery and safeguard it. The idea is to use the machinery while inside the container at any given time.

Once done, the equipment is loaded into the container and fastened. The container can then be transported to any site where the equipment is needed. The equipment can then be used while mounted on the truck or it can be left at the site.

What equipment can be used with this idea?

A number of heavy equipment can be used with this application. Some of the common products include:

·         Generators

·         Alternators

·         Electrical motors

·         Pumps

·         Air conditioning units

·         Freezers/cold rooms

·         Water tanks

·         Fuel tanks

Why use this technique to hold heavy equipment?

This idea is plausible for a number of reasons:

Safety: The shipping container will hold and protect the heavy equipment from vandalism or theft.

Portability: Inside the fabricated container, the equipment can be easily transported with minimum risk of damaging the expensive hardware inside.

No installation needed: This idea also greatly simplifies the use of heavy industrial equipment in difficult terrains where such equipment cannot simply be left out in the open. With the shipping container in place, the equipment can be used as-is inside the container. This will eliminate the need for an installation process which would otherwise take time and cost a lot. Instead, the equipment can be used quickly upon arrival on site.

Got heavy equipment that you need to transport or house in a quick, practical, and cost-effective manner? Find a shipping container for sale and have it fabricated to meet your needs.